With over 32 years of supplement manufacturing experience, Essential Pharmaceutical Corp. is capable of  helping you formulate your custom supplement, or customizing your existing formulas. Over last three decades, we have helped hundreds of clients with their custom formulations. Whether you already have a formulation or you are looking to create a custom formulation, our R&D team can  formulate quality blends to your specifications  at affordable prices. Our team will work closely with you and  assist you in creating the product of your dream.

Our fees for custom formulation starts as low as $399!

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We Provide Sample Production in Small Quantities!

When your custom formula is finalized, we will create a quote for you. There is a $600 minimum for custom samples to be produced. The quantity of samples varies depending on the cost of ingredients as well as the quantity you would like in each individual sample pack(bottle, pouch, canister, etc.) We do not know how many until we have worked through all the details.

Once we have agreed on the formulas and quantity, we require a 50% deposit to produce your samples. When payment is submitted, we will give you our best estimated time on when your samples will be ready to ship. Typically, if we have all of the ingredients in stock, we ship within ten business days or less. Once your samples are completed, you will need to pay the balance.  Your samples will be shipped when the balance is paid. We will notify you with the Tracking Number.

Sample Production Starting at $600 ! An Easy Start to Launch Your New Product...

This service is offered so you will be able to get your custom formula in small quantities for lab testing, market concept or choice of packaging, flavors, etc. This will help you get your product into the market without commiting huge investment in inventory...

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